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iPhone 11 Will Find the Same OLED Screen as the Galaxy Note 10


According to a report from a South Korean news portal, Apple’s new iPhone models will use OLED panels used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 models.

Apple will introduce new iPhones in the coming weeks curious waiting for. While the company continues to work on its new iPhones, the rumors about the new models remain intact.

This time the rumors are headquartered in South Korea. According to a report published by a news portal called Elec, the OLED display panels that will be used on the iPhone 11 will be the same as those used by the company’s arch rival Samsung on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10.

iPhone 11 Will Find the Same OLED Screen as the Galaxy Note 10

Apple recently supplied OLED panels from Samsung, but for the first time, the same OLED panels will be used in the new models of both companies. This is one of the interesting aspects of the report.

According to the rumors so far, some of the new models of the company will be equipped with OLED and some with LCD screens. With the introduction of Apple’s new iPhones, we will learn together how much of these rumors are true.


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