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iPhone 11 sales account for 50 percent of new iPhone models


Technology giant Apple’s new iPhone models offered for sale in recent weeks, the iPhone 11 50 percent of the sales figures reported. Here’s the details.

iPhone 11 sales account for 50 percent of new iPhone models

Apple’s iPhone XR represented 50 percent of last year’s iPhone sales. This is not surprising given that the XR is the cheapest in 2018. The same goes for the iPhone 11.

Apple can turn this into an opportunity

According to data released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), iPhone 11 sales account for about 50 percent of the series. The large improvement in the camera’s camera, as well as a small discount, has led Apple users to the iPhone 11. According to Cosh Founding Partner Josh Lowitz: “iPhone customers have more appetite for a flagship-priced phone. However, they pay less for the new top models.”

According to the data, iPhone users tend to prefer the cheaper model. Apple will want to turn this into an opportunity in 2020 iPhone 2 SE will launch the product is spoken. There is no clear explanation from the company and such a rumor spread last year. Let’s see if the sensations come to life this time together.

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