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iPhone 11 Reveals Another Controversial Design

iPhone 11 Reveals Another Controversial Design

Apple’s flagship iPhone 11, which has recently been widely spoken and curious about its design, has been claimed to belong to the photos.

Apple’s new flagship iPhone 11 will be released, with the resulting rendering images, users were quite disappointed. The iPhone 11, which has been heavily criticized by users of the camera lineup, has since remained a device that users think should go for a design change. The latest photos show that all hopes may be exhausted.

A virtual button like the ‘Assistive Touch’ can be seen in the resulting images. A close look at the camera makes it easy to see where the auxiliary switch is moved. Therefore, it is thought that the device is not just a prototype, but the actual devices will look like this.

As we continue to examine the device, it is possible to see the striking frames. It was interesting to see such obvious frames in the iPhone X series, as we found almost frameless phones. Of course, it is worth noting that this ‘interesting’ is not in a good sense.

When we examine the back of the phone, it is possible to see the camera array that many people criticize heavily. According to these visuals, Apple will realize what is feared and will bring camera design as a big camera module.

Although there is not much information about the hardware at this time, Apple is expected to use the A13 chip in its new flagship.

Considering that the introduction of the iPhone 11 is only a few months away, it is likely that the device in question is a pre-production prototype or an iPhone 11 manufactured by a Chinese manufacturer.


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