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iPhone 11 Pro’s RAM Less Than Known: Real Value Here


The amount of RAM of the new iPhones, which appeared a few days ago and delighted all of us, apparently was not so much. Apple didn’t open the purse. The new benchmarks show that the iPhone 11 Pro has lower RAM.

It is well known that Apple does not explicitly state its battery and RAM capacities in its iPhone demonstrations, but instead uses its own measuring systems, such as “very good performance, 18 hours battery life”. A few days ago, we said that the new iPhone’s battery and battery capacity with the correct value we said.

As in many parts of the world, pre-ordered iPhones in China provide us with information on battery and RAM values. The values ​​shared on AnTuTu’s Weibo page are slightly different than we expected. Recall that the iPhone 11 has 4 GB; The iPhone 11 Pro series is known to have 6 GB of RAM. Apparently, these values ​​weren’t true either.

All models have 4 GB of RAM

The results of the AnTuTu benchmark test of the iPhone 11 family show that the phone is very performance. But there is a remarkable detail: the amount of RAM in all phones is 4 GB. “Apple opened the mouth of the pouch” he was surprised by saying Apple, apparently did not give up Apple.

Although the iOS operating system makes RAM management relatively good compared to Android, less RAM means fewer applications can run in the background. Regardless of how RAM management is, you ultimately get less.

Apple, again we know Apple

When we look at the Android side, we see that 12 GB RAM is not a very rare feature. It’s a pity that Apple still puts less RAM on a device that wants more than $ 1,000. The $ 700 iPhone 11 and the $ 1100 iPhone 11 Pro Max do not have much superiority to each other. At least we’re sure the batteries are growing. For now.


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