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iPhone 11 Pro Stocks Out, Despite Low Demand


The newly introduced iPhones Pro models, which will be distributed on September 20, are already out of stock. If you want to buy the phone now, you may have to wait until October. But the interesting thing is that there is little demand, no stock.

Apple’s introduction of the recent pre-orders of the iPhone 11’s, recently began yesterday in the United States. Orders started at midnight in the previous years, Apple this year by going to the local time at 05.00 in the difference. Seeking Alpha quotes some analysts say the demand for new Pro iPhones is weak.

Poor demand naturally means shorter transmission time. Apple, September 20 to start making the first shipments, apparently this date will take place later in some models despite everything.

Low demand, delayed delivery date

Low demand, delayed delivery date

Apple’s use of 5G technology in its new phones has had a negative impact on China, one of the world’s largest markets., an online company, said the iPhone 11 pre-sales were around 500,000. Last year, the iPhone XR’s pre-sales in the same period were around 900,000. This means a reduction of approximately 44 percent.

However, the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro has increased its pre-orders unlike the iPhone 11. Citizens in the United States, Apple’s page to get a new phone when the 256 GB model “will be delivered on September 20,” not the article, “September 27 will be delivered,” they see the article. If you want to buy a 512 GB version, this date will be extended to 9 October.

Of course, since operators play a very important role in buying phones in the USA, different dates can be seen in different operators. For example, if you want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro with an AT&T line, the earliest date is October 7. Some models even extend until October 11.

Did Apple produce fewer phones to extend dates?

Over the last few years, the interest in iPhones, especially the high-end models, has dropped. Therefore, the date of shipment was usually the first day. So the delay of the new iPhone 11 Pro comes with the question: Did Apple reduce the number of phones it made to make it look like there was more demand? Because fewer iPhones will produce, the stock will melt faster, shipping date will be extended; therefore, the demand would appear to be high.

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