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iPhone 11 Pro Max topped the list of Best Smartphones


The iPhone 11 Pro Max model, which came out last week in the list of the best smart phones prepared by Consumer Reports, was awarded. The iPhone 11 Pro Max deserves this order, according to many authorities.

Introduced in recent weeks and released abroad, Apple’s latest phone iPhone 11 Pro Max; battery life, excellent cameras, water and dust resistance certification, more durable glass case, better displays and faster performance with the new A13 processor, such as important improvements in the list prepared by Consumer Reports’un top.

One of the most prominent innovations in the iPhone 11 is battery life. The battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max showed 40.5 hours of performance. In this test by Consumer Reports, no phone model has come close to this time so far.

Camera performance of iPhone 11 Pro Max:

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have one of the best mobile camera installations ever. The iPhone 11 series, which is again at the top of the tests, shows great success especially at night. The iPhone 11 series also offers excellent camera performance.

The iPhone 11 Pro, which ranks at the top of the Consumer Reports list, has a clear advantage in many categories, while in some categories it is only at the forefront. Consumer Reports says the iPhone 11 series is still preferable, despite the significant camera and battery life improvements of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and even the iPhone XR.


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