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iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 490


TechInsights calculated the cost of the recently released iPhone 11 Pro Max to Apple. The most expensive item on the smartphone with a $ 490 component is the triple camera system.

iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 490

TechInsights calculated the cost of the components on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and compared it to the iPhone XS Max. As a result of the calculations, the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s components turned out to cost Apple $ 490.5. The cost of the iPhone XS Max, which was released last year, is $ 443.

The most expensive component on the smartphone is the $ 73.5 triple camera system. On the other hand, the most expensive item on the iPhone XS Max was the OLED display, which cost $ 80.5. However, the price of the new model fell to $ 66.5. The Apple A13 chipset cost the company $ 64. The 3,969 mAh battery costs $ 10.5.

Other costs not included

The retail price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is twice as expensive as the total component price. The US price of the smartphone starts at $ 1,099. However, it should be reminded that Apple doesn’t make that much profit from every phone. TechInsights did not include patent fees, software development, assembly, packaging, advertising and logistics.

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