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iPad Air 4 design leaked! Here are the details

iPad Air 4 design leaked! Here are the details

When and with what functions iPad Air will arrive, the analyst shared. The Use Guide in the published gorsel contains information about the design and several functions of iPad Air 4. If the leak is real, then a tablet about which we know very few details will develop into an Air series by design.

The design we know from the iPad Pro series can eventually be used for Air models.

iPad Air 4 design replicates Pro series

An analyst named Duan-Rui in his usage guide compared this to visual. This is the guide to iPad Air 4. However, reliable analyst Min-Chi Kuo says a new iPad of 10.8 inches will be released later this year.

Judging by the details in the Use Guide, we see that the screen/chassis level is significantly increased. However, the key key on the screen has been removed. These parts on the screen make it look like iPad Pro.

One of the most prominent properties in the guide can be to log in to the Smart Connector. The 3-pin connector under the device cover allows you to use accessories such as Magic Keyws.

However, on the new Air iPad, as on iPad Pro, instead of Lightning, a USB-C input will be used.

We know that iPad Air models do not support Face ID. Touch ID worked with the main screen key. Between removing the main screen key and hearing that the fingerprint reader will be moved to the power button. Whoever reveals the rumors says that there will be no Face ID in the SE iPhone.

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