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IOS operating system blamed for cyber attack on Jeff Bezos


The news that Jeff Bezos, the prince of Saudi Arabia, sent malicious files and was hacked via WhatsApp to his iPhone X phone. The parties blame each other.

IOS operating system blamed for cyber attack on Jeff Bezos

It was recently revealed that the iPhone X phone of Jeff Bezos, one of the richest in the world, was captured with a malicious video sent via WhatsApp and many important information was stolen. The attack came from the information that the Saudi Arabian prince was made from the WhatsApp account.

Everyone blames someone else

The alleged cyber attack of Saudi officials, which was carried out in 2018 and was disturbed by the fact that The Washington Post newspaper, owned by Jeff Bezos, was investigating the connection of the Cemal Kaşıkçı murder with the prince, of course, put the WhatsApp application on the agenda.

The security risks of the WhatsApp application, which reached 1.6 billion users, have been raised before. Therefore, he sat on the agenda that the attack was caused by WhatsApp vulnerabilities. Even the United Nations asked not to trust the WhatsApp application.

However, the roof firm Facebook does not agree. According to the company, the 4.22MB video sent via WhatsApp can leak into the system even if it is not played and send all the data on the phone to remote servers at a time.

Facebook vice president Nicola Mendelsohn said that they carefully examined the allegations regarding the cyber attack incident, but such attacks were caused by vulnerabilities in the operating systems on the phones.

Facebook policy officer Nick Clegg also states that the messages on WhatsApp are protected with end-to-end encryption, and that a message will not be able to make such an effect during migration, and the user may have been hacked by opening this file on the operating system, just like with phishing emails.

It turns out that no party wants to take responsibility for the Jeff Bezos incident. Apple hasn’t made a statement yet, but it will likely blame other parties on the event.


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