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iOS 14 Beta: 4 new Apple Arcade games leaked

iOS 14 Beta: 4 new Apple Arcade games leaked!

Recently released version iOS 14 Beta 4. In this version, new systems are available, such as Apple TV Widget, 3D Touch and Review. Thanks to iOS 14 Beta, new Apple Arcade games have appeared.

In the Apple app store, 4 new mobile games were discovered. These games, unfortunately, are not compatible with iOS 13, but they say that this problem will be overcome. In addition, iOS 13 users do not yet see these games in the list of games.

The list of games discovered in the new version of iOS was divided. This list includes Next Stop Nowhere, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, The Last Campfire and World’s End Club.

“Next Stop Nowhere” is a colorful adventure trip. This journey will take place deep in space. It was announced that it can only be downloaded through the Apple store.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is designed for those who like to spend time alone. Development for PCs and console players is also considered as a game, action and platform. Jack, he needs the actors’ help to defeat Eka.

Developed for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, The Last Campfire tells the story of a working character who gets stuck in a puzzle and doesn’t get out of it. World’s End Club is a 2D game and a 12-year-old character is directed in this game.

The character who had a bus accident during a class excursion notices that he has incredible strength, and goes 1200 kilometers. All games will be available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

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