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iOS 14.2 Beta 2 is out! New emojis are on the way!

iOS 14.2 Beta 2 is out! New emojis are on the way!

Although it’s been a short time since Apple released iOS 14 and then 14.0.1, work has already begun for iOS 14.2. In this context, iOS 14 Beta 2 was made available to developers after the first version.

Lots of new emoji coming with iOS 14.2 beta 2

iOS 14.2 will not only fix problems, but also make new emojis available. Emojis reported by Emojipedia include bubble tea, seal, feathers and more. These emojis were approved by the Unicode Consortium this year as part of the Emoji 13.0 release.

Apple previewed the emoji custom designs for the first time in July, and with today’s Beta version, we have looked at the final designs.

Between the two emojis that have not been seen from Apple until today, there is a smiling face with a tear and a separate face wearing joke glasses.

In total, 117 new emoji are coming to iPhone, iPad and Mac users this year with different skin tone options, new genders and more. One of the strategies for Apple to constantly bring new emojis is to get users to update to the newest and safest version.

The current beta version is available to developers. However, for other users, the Public Beta will be released shortly.

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