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iOS 13 Reminders App Dark Mode


Just before WWDC 19, which started this evening, an image appeared on Twitter. Appeared in the image of Apple this year to offer users the dark mode of iOS 13 ‘Reminders’ application was used.

The Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event, where Apple organizes new products and software every year, is finally starting. Thus, Apple users will be able to remove many questions about their products. The explanations made by Apple will answer all critical questions such as the status of old products, which models will take the iOS 13. Now, in the dark mode of iOS 13, a screenshot of the renewed ‘Reminders’ application was shared. Here’s the screenshot;

The sharing made by Benjamin Geskin, who is known for the phone leaks he shared over his social media accounts, soon spread. Geskin made a small statement on the subject, said for the first time in March some information about the dark mode and applications, he said. Geskin also said this screen shot in March, iOS 13 users with the appearance of some changes in appearance may be offered to the service.

With this resulting image, at least in the dark mode of iOS 13 we can understand what awaits us. We will continue to tell you the explanations to be made by Apple at WWDC 19, which will continue until Friday.

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