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iOS 13 released! How to install iOS 13?

iOS 13 released! How to install iOS 13?

iOS 13 released! iPhone users’ ongoing wait since June has ended. As we announced after the iPhone 11 event, the iOS 13 update was made available to users on September 19th.

Apple, the iPhone 6s previously introduced models assigned to the old iPhone category. Therefore, the iPhone 6s introduced before the update iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, unfortunately, users with models such as update warning will not see.

How to install iOS 13?

iPhone users just need to go to Settings> General> Software Update to install the update. So how to install iOS 13? Let’s switch to the details of the update by giving the answer to the question.

iPhone models receiving the iOS 13 update

  • iPhone  XS, XS Max, XR, X
  • iPhone  8
  • iPhone  8 Plus
  • iPhone  7
  • iPhone  7 Plus
  • iPhone  6S
  • iPhone  6S Plus
  • iPhone  SE
  • iPod touch ( 7th generation)

iOS 13 Released – iOS 13 Features

The first thing that comes to mind since the iOS 13 was announced is the dark mode. Previously available for Mac, the dark mode, which has become indispensable for phones today, comes with the iOS 13 version for iPhone models.

All Apple’s default applications have been made compatible with dark mode. It has become more user-friendly after dozens of changes have been made from Settings to Calendar, especially the Photos application.

In the Photos application, the categories such as day, month and year are now more prominent. The application, which made it much easier to browse the old photographs, also made great progress in organizing the photos.

You can adjust the distance of the light in a photo. Thus, while the mastery of portrait photos increases, you can see the previous version of the photo with one touch and rotate the direction of a video on the editing screen.

Street View, one of the most popular features of Google Maps, comes to Apple Maps with iOS 13. Hundreds of cars to display the streets, as well as assistance from aircraft, Apple, the US will open this feature at the end of the year.

It will take some time to be available in other countries. Face ID is running 30 percent faster with the new version of iOS, and the application and update sizes are reduced by almost half.

Apple period has begun!

Login with Apple a is added to the options that we use to register with an application such as login with Facebook / login with Google. With iOS 13, users can log in to apps and websites without sharing any personal data.

You can assign one of Apple’s random addresses to services that request an email address for registration. By assigning a different email address to all of them, you are avoiding annoying emails.

While custom animations were allowed to be defined between the two users, messaging with Memoji stickers became more fun. For this feature, the Apple A9 or newer processor is required to have the iPhone model.

Taking action on location permissions, Apple can now allow applications to ask for location permissions every time. In addition, monitoring alerts in the background prevent applications from taking action outside your permission.

In this version of iOS, the Shortcuts app is among the defaults. In addition, users can now use different iCloud accounts on devices for corporate and individual purposes.

When using AirPods, Siri can read incoming messages and allow you to reply directly to the headset. In addition, you can share a song with any friend with a single tap. Apple gives HomePod Handoff support so that music played on the iPhone can be resumed directly from the speaker.

You will not expect much for iOS 13.1

iPhone users will not wait long for a new update after installing the new iOS version on their device. On September 30, the iOS 13.1, which is currently being tested, will meet iPhone models.

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