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iOS 13 Release Date Announced


Dark mode, performance enhancement, natural Siri sound and much more. Apple will release iOS 13 support to its old phones on September 19, 1 day before launching its new phones.

As usual, Apple will launch a new version of iOS with the next iPhone. The iOS 13, which will be released 1 day before the launch of the iPhone 11 on September 19, was introduced as part of WWDC last June, but no clear date has been set for when it will be available. In this context, we learned that Apple will release iOS 13 just before launching the latest iPhone 11 series.

The iOS 13, which sets a very high expectation in humans, includes many innovations, including dark mode, performance improvements, and changes to Siri’s voice. Let’s take a closer look at all of these innovations.

iOS 13 will be stamped in “dark mode”

iOS 13 will be stamped in “dark mode”

As the company has previously shown at WWDC, iOS 13 will include a variety of performance improvements, tweaks interface, updates for core applications, and more. However, the most striking of these innovations, even with a blow to the news of Android iOS 13’e special ‘Dark Mode’ was.

The dark mode feature, which many people like and prefer in different applications, will be able to run on all built-in Apple applications and can be used in third-party applications contracted with Apple. In addition, Apple’s fixture applications, ‘Reminders’, ‘Maps’, ‘Notes’ and ‘Photos’ applications will undergo major changes.

iOS 13; Face ID will also improve Siri and performance improvements:

Also included in iOS 13 is that Siri comes with a sound closer to nature (in the English version of Siri). As for performance. It is said that Face ID, Apple face recognition system, opens the screen lock by 30% faster and applications open as fast as before. Of course, we will be able to find out the accuracy and practicality of all this when iOS 13 is publicly released on September 19.

Apple did not do anything about users who are curious about the future of iPads, unfortunately, has not yet shared information about iPad OS. We need to wait a bit longer to learn the details of the iPad OS, because before September 30, no information is expected to be shared.

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