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iOS 13.7 is released!

iOS 13.7 is released!

Apple is expected to introduce new iPhone models in September. After the presentation of the iPhone 12 series, the iOS 14 update will be available. It was not expected that a new update for iOS 13 would be published. Apple opposed users with an update to iOS 13.7.

iOS 13.7 update is out!

Developed by Apple and Google, the Exposure Notification API was introduced to users with iOS 13.5 and was initially available to public health officials. With the iOS 13.7 update, it is no longer necessary to install an application to receive notifications for its users in the process of combating corona virus.

Unfortunately, this change will not affect our country in any way. Because the impact declaration does not work in our country, and it is not known when it will come. In addition, the update notes indicate that iOS 13.7, which contains bug fixes and performance improvements, offers a new function for sharing iCloud Drive folders from the Memoji application and files.

For those who want to install the update, it is simple enough: Setup > General > Software update path. This update received all iPhone models that support iOS 13 and are already installed.

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