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iOS 13.2 Beta 4 released

iOS 13.2 Beta 4 released

A month has passed since Apple released iOS 13.1 due to issues and missing features detected in iOS 13. Apple released three more updates on it, but also continues to work for iOS 13.2.

It is currently unknown when iOS 13.2 will be available to users. However, the technology giant released iOS 13.2 Beta 3 last week, this time after the release of iOS 13.2 Beta 4 developers.

iOS 13.2 Beta 4 released! What’s new

The update notes for the iOS 13.2 Beta 4 release contain no details other than bug fixes and performance improvements. In this context, iOS 13.2 Beta 4 presented with a major innovation that can be said.

In order to access beta updates, your device needs to be UDID registered. Another option is to install developer profiles on your device that you can easily find on the internet.

In July, more than 60 emoji will be presented with iOS 13.2. In addition, the emoji selector has been renewed, allowing you to choose single emojis of different colors, such as face emojis.

On the application screen, you can now directly delete any application by pressing and holding any application. The “Rearrange apps” option has been renamed to “Edit home screen” while still retaining its location.

Another highlight of Apple’s iOS 13.2 is the option to delete Siri and Dictation history. Apple promised this feature to users a long time ago.

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