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Introducing the Razer Tomahawk N1 Mini PC


Introduced the Element Module-based mini PC developed by Intel.

Element Module, which is introduced with Intel’s Ghost Canyon NUC computer, is being used by Razer for the Tomahawk N1 model. The case used again comes in the familiar structure of NUC. Surrounded by tempered glass side panels on both sides, the case features a large Razer logo on the front. On the upper side there are two 120mm discharge fans with ventilation outlet.

Introducing the Razer Tomahawk N1 Mini PC

Element Module and Hardware

On the hardware side of the computer, there are options starting from i5 9th generation processors like the Ghost Canyon NUC. Although no details are given yet, we can assume that it will be the same as the Core i9-9980HK, Core i7-9750H and Core i5-9300H in NUC.

The Intel 9th ​​generation processors will be accompanied by DDR4 SODIMM RAMs and the Element Module board has two slots for these RAMs. There are also 3 M.2 slots for storage. For graphics cards or other PCIe devices, PCIe Gen 3.0 and x4 speeds are also available. With the x16 slot, powerful graphics cards including the RTX 2080 Ti can be used. For those who will fill the M.2 slots and use graphics cards, let’s also mention that the Element Module has only 16 PCIe lines.

Rear and Front Panel G/Ç Ports

Using the same Element Module structure as the Intel Ghost Canyon, the mini-computer has the same input / output port structure. There are 2 PCI-Express slots and the standard desktop graphics card can be used like the NUC. There are 6 USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports on the board. Four of them are in Type-A structure and the other two are in Type-C structure.

In addition to the USB ports, there are 2 Intel (i219-LM and i210-AT) ethernet ports and 1 HDMI and 1 3.5mm audio output. Behind the motherboard sockets are the PSU and PSU power input. While Intel Ghost Canyon prefers a 500W PSU on NUC, Razer hasn’t shared any information about the PSU yet.

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