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Interesting screen design from Samsung!

Interesting screen design from Samsung!

Samsung has begun working on a phone design that has never been seen before. Next year, the Galaxy S11, Fold 2 and Note 11 flagship smart phones that will continue the road signals that the company, on the other hand is working on an interesting phone. Samsung 3D spiral display is on the agenda with news.

The company is currently working on a 3D spiral and full screen design phone. It is said that it will also belong to the Galaxy series, a camera design placed under the screen. At the same time, there are attempts to make it difficult to use the edge touch.

Samsung 3D works on an interesting phone with spiral display

Samsung continues to work against the possibility of accidental touching and easy damage to the side frame touch. In addition, the company wants to remove the upper and lower frames completely makes the job even more difficult.

It was determined that the patent application of the device with a 3D spiral screen design was made. The physical buttons of the phone are completely removed. The lack of a selfie camera means that the camera will be mounted under the screen. Apple had previously filed such a patent. In parallel with technological developments, companies make various trials.

In order to implement these designs, companies need to produce a built-in selfie camera and more powerful curved windows. It is also another technological step that needs to be narrowed at the charging ports or a fully wireless charging system. Samsung foresees that the work on this model will not reach next year.


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