Interesting S Pen solution for Galaxy S21 Ultra!

Interesting S Pen solution for Galaxy S21 Ultra!

Samsung is holding an early launch for a flagship model for the first time. The S-series flagships, which were previously introduced in February, are likely to appear on January 14 this year. For the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is expected to appear at this event, an interesting S Pen solution may appear.

In the previously revealed images of the smartphone, there was no slot reserved for the S Pen. These shared images are considered to be the new Ultra model.

Will Galaxy S21 come with Ultra S-Pen?

But how will the Galaxy S21 Ultra come with the S-Pen? In fact, after the shared images, the stylus pen option for the S21 Ultra did not seem possible. However, Ice Universe, famous for its leaks, claimed that S-Pen support for the new Ultra model will come 100 percent.

The use of the phrase S Pen support here indicates that Samsung will not offer a stylus pen with the model. Especially considering the claims that there will not even be a charger in the box, it seems that it is not possible to present the Ultra model with a stylus.

Estimates are that the S Pen will be sold separately by Samsung. Whether this pen will have the same features as the stylus pen offered in the Note series is a matter of curiosity. The biggest problem is that there is no slot in the Ultra model for the pen. It is thought that Samsung will solve this with a special pen holder to be added to the cases.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra expected features

The flagship is expected to come with a resolution of 40 Megapixels on the front camera. The phone will come with a five rear camera setup, including a 3D ToF sensor, according to shared images.

For the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model, the main camera will come with the HM3 sensor, which receives approximately 16 percent more light, instead of the ISOCELL HM1 sensor, which offers 108 Megapixel resolution in the S20 Ultra.

Although the two sensors are the same on the megapixel side, the HM3 sensor is expected to give much better results thanks to its light sensitivity. The front camera is thought to have a resolution of 40 Megapixels.

The flagship, which is expected to come with a giant battery of 5000 mAh on the battery side, may come up with features such as 45W fast charging support and 120 Hz refresh rate. However, some sources claim that the smartphone will have a 144 Hz refresh rate. Again, 65W support on the fast charging side is also among the claims. On the screen side, 2K screen resolution and 6.9 inch curved AMOLED display are expected to welcome us.

How do you think the Galaxy S21 Ultra features? Do you think the flagship will offer S Pen support? We are waiting your comments.

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