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Interesting control for Nintendo Switch games!

Interesting control for Nintendo Switch games!

Developed for Nintendo Switch games, the next generation game controller seeks to offer a different player experience. Nintendo, which previously laid the foundation for remote control game controllers with Wii, intends to continue this tradition with its new apparatus.

This new apparatus is in the form of a ring and according to estimates will be used in fitness applications. Looking at the videos published by the company is not possible to come across an image about the game played in any way.

New controller for Nintendo Switch games: Rubber Ring

This promotional film also somehow gives the impression that this apparatus can be used in more than one way. Because Nintendo is an innovative company and it doesn’t have the understanding of limiting such innovations.

According to the published video, this new apparatus is intended to attract Nintendo users who want to relive the Wii experience in a way. Joy-Con, which is attached to the ring-shaped apparatus, comes with the Nintendo Switch console.

In some of the images we see the player again tying a Joy-Con to his leg. This new control has been developed to detect all the movements you have probably done with your leg and arm.

As we mentioned, this new generation game controller was developed primarily for fitness applications. However, this new generation of game controller with a rubber ring seems to be a candidate for a new player experience.

So what do you think? Can the rubber ring developed for Nintendo Switch games really offer a new gaming experience? We welcome your comments.


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