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Intel’s New Processor i9-9900KS Comes in October


With the speed that Intel plans to release next year, our business will be made easier. For other companies, such as AMD and Qualcomm, it is a very difficult system to compete.

Intel has attracted the spotlights with the work done before, the 9th generation processor came to the fore with the performance given. Intel officials at the Berlin International Communication Fair (IFA) said in a press release, that all the cores will reach 5.0 GHz processors Intel’s Core i9-9900KS’nin, said to be released in October.

It is wondered what kind of technology will be available next year as a result of some of Intel’s recommendations on competing companies.

Power Show from Intel

Intel’s New Processor i9-9900KS Comes in October

Intel showed that in a DLC he played from Hitman 2, the chip used by the system was 5 GHz in all cores, but occasionally fluctuated. Of course, this is not a substitute for independent testing, but Intel has emphasized what it means. He also did not specify the release date for Cascade-Lake X, but he did not hesitate to give some preliminary information with the presentation. He pointed out that the price will increase at the same rate.

Specifically, it was stated that Cascade Lake X could be 2.09 times more expensive in terms of performance-price than Skylake-X.

Intimidation to Competitors

Intel also compared its processors to AMD’s Ryzen processors. He said that Qualcomm can only be used for simple and lightweight jobs and cannot run many applications, popular photo editors and games on the Snapdragon platform.


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