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Intel Announces New Logo and Intel Evo Brand


Intel’s leading industry company announced both the company’s new logo and the Intel Evo brand. Radical changes in the logo attracted attention.

In general, we cannot say that Intel’s plans go the way the company wants. The company could not fully prepare for the new NVIDIA 3000 series cards.

Intel, which is also starting to lose ground in front of the press, has decided to upgrade its brand. The company updated its logo, as well as changed the logos of its subsidiary brands. Also announced for the first time is the Intel Evo series.

New logos from Intel

Intel Announces New Logo and Intel Evo Brand

Intel changes can also be clearly seen in the top overview. The company introduced new logos iRIS, Xeon, Evo, Core, Pentium, Optane.

All future products of the company will also be developed in accordance with the new logos. So the labels we see on the products will show us what period we buy the device or product.

The new and more minimalistic logo became the third logo of the company. Since 2006, the logo has undergone minor changes, so a new minimalist understanding has manifested itself in the lower brands.

Intel Evo introduced

Intel introduced the new Evo platform with logos. Basically, Evo, 11. The Core generation and Project Athena will unite into a platform. The company said in a statement that this platform is completely new, and the basis of the product is estimated at thousands of hours of work.

More minimalistic designs may indicate a shift to a smaller company infrastructure. Another important change in the logo was that its classic blue tint is now accompanied by green. Let’s see if this change by Intel is a precursor to something new, or is the company trying to make a pretty old marketplace? Time will answer this question.

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