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Instagram’s Home Screen Design Changes Over The Years

Instagram’s Home Screen Design Changes Over The Years

With the latest update, the Instagram home screen design is changing.

Instagram is going through a radical change in home screen design over the years. Reels and Shopping feature come to the fore in the new home screen design.

If you remember, the popular social media application Instagram announced its new home screen design with its announcement in September. With the new main screen design introduced gradually with the latest update, we see that the place of the like button has been moved from the bottom to the upper right corner.

Thus, users can access the Add New Post, Likes and DM buttons from the upper right corner of the main page. In addition, we witness that some changes have been made on the buttons at the bottom of the application.

When we examine the buttons at the bottom, the Main Tab, Search, Reels, Shopping and Profile buttons welcome us. As you know, the Shopping feature was previously in the Explore menu. However, we observe that Instagram has added this feature to the buttons on the main page in order to make the shopping feature stand out even more.

Likewise, the social media giant, which adds the Reels feature to the buttons at the bottom, allows users to access Reels videos on the main screen. Instagram also provides the opportunity to add video to Reels via this button, thus allowing users to access many tabs on a single page.

It is also worth noting that the new home screen design has begun to be distributed gradually. That’s why not every account can access the new home screen design for now. However, the new design is expected to be presented to all users as soon as possible.

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