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Instagram Will Warn You Before Your Account Is Deleted

Instagram Will Warn You Before Your Account Is Deleted

Instagram has made changes to delete accounts as a result of things like hate speech, virtual bullying, nudity and other inappropriate content. With his policy update, users whose accounts are about to be deleted will now receive a warning before they are deleted.

Instagram has made a new change in terms of deleting user accounts as a result of work with Facebook to make Instagram a better place for everyone.

In his blog post, Instagram said this change would help ensure that accounts that are constantly violating the company’s terms can be quickly identified and removed.

The accounts of users with content that violates the terms to a certain extent according to the conditions currently in effect are being closed. With the new version of the conditions, not only the users with a certain percentage, but also the users who exceed the specified number of violations in a given time period will be deleted.

A notification will also be sent to users who are at risk of deleting accounts with the new version of the terms. This notification will also provide an option to appeal the transaction.

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