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Instagram presented the fun features it announced!

Instagram presented the fun features it announced!

Instagram is experimenting and testing many new features. Although it does not bring most of them, it has incorporated some of the features it promised. We bring you all the details about new Instagram features:

More announced and new Instagram features

In a blog post, Instagram shared that it offers users the new features it has recently announced. Among these, you and your friends can watch IGTV, Reels, TV shows, movies and trending videos in real time via video chat with the Watch Together feature.

To use this feature, all you have to do is start a video chat on Instagram or Messenger, or open the Messenger Room chat. When you tap the media icon at the bottom right of the video chat you have created, you can choose one of the options and watch it.

In addition to this, another feature that is available is chat themes. You can activate the chat theme called TinyTAN on Instagram and Messenger. With Vanish Mode, also known as the disappearing messages feature, you can be sure that your messages with the person you are talking to will disappear after you exit the chat. You can switch to this mode when you scroll up the message page and use the mode if the other party applies this action.

According to Instagram, the full control of the disappearing messages feature is definitely on the users, the positive effect of this is definitely security. The feature is currently in use in the US and some countries, but will soon be available to other countries in Europe. Fun features that are coming globally include chat themes, selfie stickers, custom emoji reactions, and perhaps the funniest animated message effects.

When you type a message to send, a magnifying glass icon appears on the left. Using this, you can leave your message in flames or fill it with hearts, or send your message in a gift box.

This is how the Instagram features that are currently being said and coming are new. With this update, you can now easily reach your friends and family via Instagram or Messenger and write funny messages in your chats.

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