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Instagram is testing its new feature

Instagram is testing its new feature

Instagram continues to develop new features related to the shopping feature. Instagram, which also deals with many new brands for shopping, will be a more dynamic platform with the ability to send notifications.

Instagram comes feature to send notification for shopping!

Although the Instagram shopping feature isn’t popular enough, the platform plans to strengthen itself with new enhancements. In this empowerment process, there are important developments both regarding the shopping feature and the company’s partnerships.

The company recently announced partnership with nearly 20 brands in the US, including Adidas, Highsnobiety, Chinatown Market, Revolve and Huda Beauty. Following this announcement, Instagram began testing to send notifications for the shopping feature.

The new notification feature, which is offered to users in some regions around the world, will enable the company’s partner brands to notify about the products they exhibit on the platform. This means that if there is an increase or decrease in the price tag of a post that Adidas shares using Instagram shopping, users will be notified.

In particular, the company is expected to increase both the relationship between brands and users and the use of shopping. Instagram Product Manager Layla Amjadi also reported that the company is working to build a personalized shopping center. The shopping feature of the platform is expected to become more prominent in a short period of time and will provide a more dynamic shopping experience to the users.

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