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Instagram extended test of hiding likes

Instagram extended test of hiding likes

Instagram, a social media platform, began to test the disguises of likes last May. The company said it has expanded the test, which is limited to several countries.

Instagram announced last May that it has launched a new test for users to focus on shares rather than the number of likes. This innovation, in which the number of likes was hidden and seen only by the sharing person, was in the process of testing and is now announced to be spread to other countries.

Users started protest

The company announced today that the cloak update has begun testing in six other countries. These countries were also Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Users in these countries will now see “and others” instead of the number of likes. However, we have to say that the initial responses from the users are not positive.

Protesting against Instagram’s decision to hide the likes, Twitter has opened another #instagramDELETE tag on another social media platform. The general belief is that Instagram has recently revoked its design, and that the number of likes can also cancel the decision to hide. It is also possible that this is at least optional. Time will tell what the developments will bring.

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