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Instagram DM are finally available on the web


Instagram’s heavily used messaging section is finally available on the website, after heavy demand from users and professionals.

Instagram DM are finally available on the web

As explained by Instagram, web direct messages are now available to a small percentage of users worldwide. This innovation will be particularly useful for large numbers of DM senders, especially for companies and phenomena.

Mobile messaging experience that will be exactly the same with mobile; create groups or send messages to users from their profiles and DM screen. Just like the mobile messages by double-clicking on the computer as well as liking to share photos becomes possible. You will also be able to see message notifications on your desktop when the Instagram website requests permission to send notifications after login.

In the last few years, Facebook, led by Zuckerberg, has shown a keen interest in messaging and expresses the future of Facebook at every opportunity you see here. In addition to Instagram’s web interface, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp messages are expected to be merged soon. Instagram DMs do not work on my account at the time of writing, but you should try it.


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