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Inappropriate videos played on the billboard!

Inappropriate videos played on the billboard!

Drivers were surprised when an interesting incident took place in Auburn Hills, Michigan recently. At night, inappropriate content was published on the billboards on the side of the road. Billboard hack!

Noticeable content on the billboard!

It was determined that the content, which was supposed to be published by a group of hackers, did not include any familiar faces. Cast is not recognized from any previous movie. The film was found to be an amateur recording.

It has been announced that many similar incidents have taken place before and have resulted in major accidents. It is stated that there may be situations like slowdown and distraction due to distraction of drivers.

Fortunately, there were no accidents, injuries and deaths. The problem was fixed 20 minutes after the police contacted the signage owner, Triple Communications. It was announced that the group that broadcasts inappropriate content on the billboard will be identified as soon as possible and the necessary penalties will be given. If convicted, they can get a 90-day prison sentence and a $ 500 fine.


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