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In iPhone 12, a “charger” appeared that does not leave the box

In iPhone 12, a “charger” appeared that does not leave the box

We talked a lot about iPhone 12 and wrote details, but we saw that the device was not presented at the Apple event on September 15. It was already on the agenda, which is unlikely to be presented and postponed. Despite the fact that the charging adapter does not go out of the box about iPhone 12, users have another detail: iPhone 12 may appear with a wireless charger!

iPhone 12 wireless charger looks interesting

Apple has long been running on a wireless charger. He even called the device “AirPower,” but the device never came out. Recently, information appeared on Twitter that the device should be connected to iPhone 12. Since the details of the joint device through the 9to5Mac indicate that the product is in the prototype stage, and the magnetic structure and wireless charging are supported for the iPhone 12.

The wireless charger is referred to as wireless charging support by means of a magnetic structure to be located at the rear of the iPhone 12.

Why was such a statement made for iPhone 12? Recently it was reported that Apple plans to install tape recorders resembling a ring on its phones or on covers signed by Apple, which will be ready for phones. And when this leak is connected to a device AirPower that appeared two years ago, this device, on the basis of which the prototype image is merged, can be real.

It retains uncertainty as to whether the leak can access the end user, but if such a device appears with the iPhone 12, it will indeed offer practical use.

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