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Image of Honor Vera 30 Published


Honor’s 5G Kirin 990 processor for the first time will use the phone Vera 30’s allegedly a screen, a photo of China’s social media platform Weibo shared through.

Honor’s new flagship will be powered by the latest 5G-powered Kirin 990 processor. While the Honor flagship Vera 30’s future is not yet fully understood, a photo shared on China’s social media platform Weibo shows us the Vera 30’s display panel.

According to this photo, the Honor Vera 30 may have a very thin frame. A notable detail is the perforated camera design. The design of this camera is very similar to the design we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. There are two cameras embedded in the front display, but the location of this camera is different from the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Honor has positioned these cameras in the upper left corner rather than the upper right corner.

Photos on Weibo:

According to this photo, we don’t know what the screen type will be, but it is quite possible that Honor will switch to AMOLED panels for the new flagship. If the Honor uses an AMOLED panel on its new phone, the Vera 30 will be able to display fingerprints on the screen.

It is not yet clear when the Vera 30 will be available, but Honor introduced the V20 in December last year. If Honor is running last year’s program this year, we’ll have to wait two more months for the Honor Vera 30.

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