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IEEE Announces Huawei Ban


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) announced that it had lifted the ban on Huawei last week. The statements made by the organization officials said that the US Department of Commerce was negotiated and that the prohibition decision taken by the state administration would not affect the IEEE and its followers.

The decision to ban the Huawei by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) was made and the scientists were divided into two. According to the statements made for scientists working for IEEE not to write articles about Huawei, it was highlighted that there may be legal consequences. This incident was met with a great reaction by scientists, even some scientists announced that they were leaving their jobs. The IEEE announced today that the institute’s ban on the Huawei has been lifted.

The IEEE announced that it had made such a decision as a result of the negotiations with the United States Department of Commerce. In the statements made by the organization, it was stated that the decision taken for Huawei was taken to protect both its followers and themselves.

Paul Triolo, Eurasia Group, a US based and political risk consultancy company, made some statements about the decision to take this decision. According to the statements made by Triolo, the underlying reason for the IEEE’s abolition of this prohibition was the fact that the United States had to stretch some of the prohibitions. According to this decision, the United States suspended some of the prohibitions on Huawei, however it gave Huawei 3 months. Triolo, who says he has read the entire stretching decision, said that the decision of the IEEE was consistent and consistent with the decision to stretch the Trump administration.


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