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Huge transfer attack from AMD

Huge transfer attack from AMD

The renowned name Frank Azor, who has contributed to the creation and development of the Alienware player brand, will now manage AMD’s strategies in the gaming world.

AMD recently lost some of the most important names like Raja Khoduri and Chris Hook to its rival Intel, and this time it is about to grab a legendary name from another company. Frank Azor, the architect of the Alienware brand.

Who is Frank Azor?

Frank Azores is a name given great importance in the history of gamer computers. While working for Dell, the Alienware brand was born when the green light from the Azor team team wanted to present the player PC concept in the Alien concept.

With 25 years of experience at Dell, Frank Azor has managed to keep the Alienware brand separate from its own company and differentiate itself from the market. The concept has brought many interesting designs to the market.

As of July 3, Frank Azor will leave his job at Dell and will be appointed as AMD Gaming Chief. The Azores have already been working closely with AMD for years. He will use his great experience to make Ryzen and Radeon architectures game-oriented.


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