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Huge layoff operation from HP


Computer market stagnation effect due to the expected sales of ‘HP’ 16 percent of the workforce over the next 3 years, ie 9000 people will dismiss.

In the PC market, Lenovo is struggling with leadership, and things are not going well. In recent years, HP has been divided into two separate companies, both corporate and end-user, to better allocate resources, yet it has not been able to financially recover. HP Inc. manages end-user products. is preparing for a major layoff operation.

Going to shrink

According to the report submitted to the Securities Commission, HP Inc. company plans to lay off 7000 to 9000 employees by 2022. It is stated that the list of employees is prepared and most of them will be in the form of voluntary dismissal.

HP has around 55,000 employees worldwide. Thus, approximately 16 percent of the workforce will be cut. After the operation, the company is expected to remain between 46 thousand-48 thousand employees.

Dismissal news came after the firm’s boss, Dion Weisler, quit because of family problems. Weisler will be replaced by Enrique Lores from 1 November. With the dismissal, HP Inc. is expected to save $ 1 billion annually by 2022. Following the announcement, HP Inc. shares fell around 9 percent.

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