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Huawei’s Watch GT has sold more than two million units

Huawei’s Watch GT has sold more than two million units

Huawei, an important player in the smartphone industry, continues to succeed in the field of wearable technology. This year, the company’s smart watch Watch GT, sold more than 2 million.

Today, Huawei has announced a growth of 282.2% in wearable technology. This growth is due to Huawei’s smart watch Watch GT’s more than 2 million sales. The company has sold more than 5 million products worldwide in all wearable technology products, he adds. Huawei, wearable technology is among the top 3 selling companies, he says. Apple’s still number one.

The biggest reason for the Watch GT to be sold so much was the battery, which did not need to be charged for weeks. The watch runs on Huawe’s own LiteOS operating system. Truseen 3.0 technology, which allows you to monitor your heartbeats per hour, and Trusleep 2.0, which provides you with recommendations for better sleep, is also available.

Huawei says the firm is ranked 5th among global investors in research and development, and is the only Chinese company in the top 10. Therefore, the company aims to grow rapidly in the wearable technology market. Huawei launches two new 46mm and 42mm versions in March


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