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Huawei’s operating system Hongmeng can be introduced this week


Hongmeng, the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has started to develop after the US trade ban, is scheduled to be introduced this week.

Huawei’s operating system Hongmeng can be introduced this week

According to a new report by Reuters, Huawei will introduce its operating system Hongmeng this week, which it has begun to develop after a ban on trading with US companies.

Introduced on August 9

The report says Huawei will launch its own operating system, Hongmeng OS, at the developers’ conference in Dongguan, China on Friday (August 9th). Huawei executives told Reuters that the Hongmeng operating system will first come to Honor smart televisions, and the software is designed primarily for IoT devices.

The report also compares the Hongmeng operating system with Fuchsia, which is developed by Google and will be widely used. Huawei’s operating system is built around a micro-core, so it is designed to work on multiple platforms using artificial intelligence. However, it is said that Hongmeng is currently being tested on smartphones and that it can be launched with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro flagship at the end of the year.


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