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Huawei Will Release Its Maps Service Soon

Huawei Will Release Its Maps Service Soon

Huawei, who wants to get rid of the US and Google addiction, will launch its own mapping service in October. Users will not be able to use Huawei’s service directly, but developers will be able to provide applications using this system.

With the development of smart phone sector, maps service has gained a great importance. Many technology companies offer their own maps service to their users, which allows users to reach a specific address on the maps and sometimes to monitor the traffic situation instantly.

Huawei is now entering the maps service industry, including Google, Apple and Yandex. In October, Huawei will launch its own map service called “Map Kit”.

Huawei’s Map Kit will not be directly available to users, but developers will be able to develop software using this service from Huawei, and many applications will be available to users in the future.

Huawei worked with Yandex and the popular travel platform Booking to develop its own map service. By October, Huawei’s maps service will support the use of 40 different languages ​​and will include 150 countries and territories.

Zhang Pigan, head of Huawei Cloud Services, said in a statement that Huawei’s mapping service has been developed in a way to transmit instant traffic data and that it has augmented reality support. According to Pigan’s statements, this augmented reality support can even detect cars changing lanes.

This new service Huawei is working on is an indication that the company wants to get a little further from Google. It will be recalled that in the process that started after the US administration blacklisted the company, the company explained that it was working on its own operating system and that it could be used if necessary. With this move, the company wants to get rid of its commitment to Google Maps.


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