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Huawei Watch Fit introduced


Huawei has announced a new Watch Fit smart watch model. He draws attention to the fact that smart watches, which pay attention to his crossed screen, rectangular case and colored cordons, make him young.

Huawei Watch Fit introduced

Huawei Watch Fit. The new Huawei smart watch suggests having a young job using parentheses, a rectangular case and color cordons.

Huawei Watch Fit features

Huawei Watch Fit is mounted on an AMOLED display measuring 1.64 inches with a 2.5D slope of glass. This screen, which offers a resolution of 280 x 456 pixels, has a value of 326 ppi per inch and is 70% of the case. Note also that the screen supports the “always open” mode.

Remove all details of the Huawei Watch Fit rectangular design
Watches built on a metallic body of gray, black and gold colors have a degree of waterproof 46 x 30 x 10.7 mm and 5 ATMs.

For health reasons, watch. Huawei Watch Fit; 11 popular sports modes, such as running, swimming and biking, primarily support 96 exercise modes.

Using an integrated GPS receiver, there is an optical heartbeat sensor, a capacitive sensor, a lighting sensor, a gyroscope and an ivmometer. With these sensors, which are equipped with a heart rate algorithm with artificial intelligence, the functions of monitoring the heart rate for 24 hours, measuring satur in the blood SpO2, following the cycle, tracking sleep and stress can be performed.

The clock also contains all the features that are expected from smart watches, such as answering a call, viewing notifications, monitoring music players, photography and a flashlight.

Huawei Watch Fit, Android 5 and iOS 9 can work with installed smartphones. The cost of the watch was announced at $110.

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