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Huawei sues US


Huawei filed a lawsuit with the Texas court on May 28 to demand that the restraining declaration be declared unconstitutional.

A written statement from the company included the following statements:

“US lawmakers issued an extra-judicial execution law against Huawei last summer. 2019 National Defense Authorization Act,
imposes a wide ban on certain Huawei equipment; ‘Federal institutions cannot supply them, federal contractors cannot use them, and federal credit and grant recipients cannot use state funds to buy Huawei equipment.’

If the defense secretary reasonably believes that they are owned, controlled, or otherwise affiliated with the Chinese government, this extrajudicial execution also applies to other companies. However, this punishment is applied directly and permanently only to Huawei without the right of appeal or appeal. “

In the Huawei statement, he filed a lawsuit claiming to declare the declaration of constitution unconstitutional, as of yesterday the case was submitted to the courts in Texas.

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