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Huawei sells 200 million smartphones despite bans


Huawei, who has yet to see a clear attitude towards loosening bans on the US side, has not experienced a decline in sales. The company has sold 200 million smartphones.

Huawei sells 200 million smartphones despite bans

Huawei, which has been in the middle of the US-China trade agreement since May and is expected to experience a decline in sales, continues to surprise. Huawei has already sold 200 million smartphones, especially in China.

Record broke

As of October 22, 2019, the number of Huawei smartphones sold in the smartphone market exceeded 200 million. The company, which achieved this figure in December last year, has thus achieved the best performance in its history.

Huawei cannot place the official Android operating system and Google applications on their new smartphones due to the prohibitions. However, Huawei’s Mate 30 series and the fact that after the ban to break the sales records in fact existing smartphones.

Currently, many popular Huawei smartphones have Android operating system and are also being updated. In this respect, it is estimated that the company will not experience a significant decrease in sales until the end of the year. In this way, Apple will surely close the market in the second place.

If the problems are not solved, the real problems will begin next year. The number of Huawei phones without Google support will increase, and the existing phones with Google support will either stop production or be stopped. In this respect, the global adoption of the HarmonyOS platform is decisive.

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