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Huawei sells 100 million phones this year despite US ban

Huawei sells 100 million phones this year despite US ban

Huawei managed to sell 100 million smartphones from early 2019 to the end of May, despite the US’s tight sanctions. However, the company’s smartphone sales outside of China have declined.

Huawei announced the sale of 100 million smartphones by the end of May this year. The Chinese company organized an event on Friday to promote the Nova 5 series smartphones and the Kirin 810 chipset. The figures came from He Gang, president of the company’s smartphone product line, speaking at the launch.

The company, which is exposed to the US trade ban, is going through very troubled days. Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s founder and CEO, said in a statement earlier this week that the US blacklisting could cost the company $ 30 billion by the end of this year. He also noted that smartphone sales outside China have fallen by 40 percent last month.

Searching for an alternative to Android

Huawei is looking for a way out of the alternatives reportedly evaluated. Among the news that the company is negotiating to use the Sailfish operating system on their phones. Huawei is also working on a mobile operating system called ‘Hongmeng’, an alternative to Android.

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