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Huawei prepares to lay off hundreds of US employees


According to some sources, Huawei plans to fire hundreds of US employees. The layoffs will be from Futurewei, which is used for R & D.

Huawei prepares to lay off hundreds of US employees

Recent developments have begun to ease the tension between the US and Huawei. However, the sanctions imposed on the firm had great effects. Still on the black list, Huawei is preparing to make an important decision for its US employees. According to The Wall Street Journal, hundreds of Huawei employees in the US will soon be fired.

Chinese employees are offered options

The layoffs will be from Huawei’s Futurewei research labs in the United States. Spanning the states of Texas, California and Washington, Futurewei employs 850 employees. The number of layoffs is not clear, but according to the WSJ, it will find hundreds of people, as we have already mentioned.

Huawei said Chinese employees offer a special option. Chinese employees who will be laid off will be able to return to China and choose to work there with Huawei. Some employees are even informed about this issue.

The reason behind this move is estimated to be the inclination of US companies to cut off their relationship with Huawei. Although the green light is being given by the US, we will continue to see its reflections until the company is completely removed from the black list.

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