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Huawei Phone Mate X Announces Release Date

Huawei Phone Mate X Announces Release Date

Samsung then has pleasing news about the foldable phones that Huawei has difficulty removing. Huawei says Mate X will be released before September.

One of the first foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, was released on April 26 but was postponed due to a number of problems. As the date of resale has not been announced by Samsung, this could also be an opportunity for Huawei to squeeze its foldable Mate X and shake the whole market. But that didn’t happen; because similar problems happened to Mate X.

But we have some good news. TechRadar spoke with Vincent Pang, President of Huawei’s Western Europe Region. “The phone will arrive at the latest in September. Probably earlier, but the deadline is September,” Pang said. Pang also said that the phone will come with Android, so that the device will not be affected by the economic war between the US-China clarified. If we recall, Huawei was restricted from using US products on his next phone.

So why will the device have Android, not Ark OS?

The manager said that the foldable phone was introduced in February, before Huawei was included in the US Department of Commerce blacklist, so he could use Android without any problems.

Huawei spends overtime on the screen of your phone

Huawei, other brands of phones (Samsung) on ​​the screen to ensure that they do not come on their own and they spend extra time on the screen for this, he says. Pang added that Mate X will be available as a 5G anywhere except the US where it will be launched, as the reason is that the US does not trust or even prohibit Huawei telecommunications equipment.

Although it may seem a delay to introduce the phone in September, Huawei has never given a clear date, but said “summer time” will be released. Considering that the summer ended on September 21, Huawei does not seem to break the promise.


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