Huawei P50 prototype leaked: Here’s the design

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Huawei P50 prototype leaked Heres the design

A new leak has been added to the leaks related to the flagship Huawei P50, which is expected to be introduced in June. It is claimed that a photo circulating on the Internet is the design of the Huawei P50.

We’ve seen different prototypes recently about the flagship, which will be unveiled in June. The Chinese manufacturer will introduce its new smartwatch and operating system on the same date, along with its new flagship.

Photo purportedly of Huawei P50 prototype

The image was sent anonymously to the foreign technology press. Different design prototypes have appeared for the same phone before. But this time the shared image shows a completely different design from its predecessors.

Huawei P50 prototype leaked Heres the design 1

We see curved edges in the image. The other thing that catches our attention with this detail is the camera design. Because the camera is quite similar to the Huawei Mate 30. The lack of a periscope camera on the rear camera means it doesn’t belong to a Pro variant.

Huawei P50 prototype leaked Heres the design 2

If we look at the front of the device, we see a very good screen-to-chassis ratio and a U-type notch. It is immediately apparent that there is an AMOLED display from a flagship that it would not expect otherwise. We can tell through the fingerprint icon on the screen.

It’s doubtful that there’s an old camera design in the image. Because technology manufacturers often use new designs on their flagship phones. Perhaps this design is a phone prototype of another manufacturer inspired by Huawei’s designs.

Although Huawei has been cornered about the smartphone recently, we are not keen on the possibility of reusing an old camera design.

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Earlier this week, another Huawei P50 design appeared. Since that design wasn’t retrospective, we were more likely to be real.

Since it is two months until June, when the device will be introduced, it seems that we will hear more leaks.

What will Huawei introduce in June?

Besides the flagship phone that is expected to be introduced, there are two other important details. One of them is the HarmonyOS operating system developed by Huawei, and the other is huawei watch 3. This trio is crucial to the continuity of the ecosystem. Because Huawei doesn’t have much time on Android. This requires increased variety of devices using HarmonyOS.

As previously known, the Huawei P50 will come with HarmonyOS. Developer support is crucial in bringing a new operating system to the consumer. The Chinese manufacturer continues to make breakthroughs on this issue. It is up to consumers to know when the innovations will be sufficient.

What do you think of the leaked Huawei P50 design?

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