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Huawei Operating System ‘Harmony’ First Which Device Will Be Determined

Huawei Operating System ‘Harmony’ First Which Device Will Be Determined

Huawei, the technology giant, has announced that it has developed its own operating system after entering the US black list. The first device to use the Harmony operating system was announced, while the operating system, which was said to have been in development for a long time, was wondering which device to exit.

Huawei mentioned that he had developed his own operating system and said that he would use his own operating system on his devices. Many people were worried about Huawei’s future in the process, including the US blacklisting of Huawei and ending Google’s support for Huawei.

In the process, the operating system, originally known as HongMeng OS, but later known as Harmony OS in English-speaking markets, was announced by Huawei. After the announcement of the operating system, there was no information about which devices would use this operating system.

According to the new information emerged, which devices to use the new operating system was determined. Huawei company, Harmony OS operating system that uses a smart Honor brand television will be announced soon.

With the rise of smartphones, television usage rates all over the world have started to decline. In China, the situation was no different. China, whose use of television has fallen from 70% to 30% in the last three years, has also reduced the profits of television manufacturers.

Together with its new smart television, Huawei aims to encourage people to watch television, and is trying to create a system where telephony and television can work integrally. Honor chairman Zhao Ming said that smart television will meet the user in early August.


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