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HUAWEI MatePad T 10s unveiled

HUAWEI MatePad T 10s unveiled

Huawei announced the HUAWEI MatePad T 10s, a lightweight and powerful 10.1 inch tablet with the best multimedia capabilities in its class.

HUAWEI MatePad T 10s works with a powerful audio system with two speakers when watching movies with a Full HD display or game, so that all the details appear with incredible color. The tablet contains the Kirin 710A, which supports powerful performance and a range of smart and family features offered by EMUI 10.1.

Stylish and minimalist design

New HUAWEI MatePad T 10s was created for family entertainments. The tablet is light enough for children. It has a simple but practical design with a first-class metal case. HUAWEI MatePad T 10s uses a powerful geometric design language with thin frames surrounding the screen, creating perfect symmetry on the front. When the edges of the web are folded for convenient sitting in the hand, the strengthened edges provide additional protection against falling and shocks caused by small blows.

HUAWEI MatePad T 10s has a Full HD IPS panel with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 and support for 70 percent of the NTSC color scheme. The 10.1-inch 16:10 screen contains high pixel density 224 ppi to provide flawless detail for any image or video. With HUAWEI Claries VU technology for screen development, the screen also dynamically optimizes color, brightness and saturation. In addition to development technology, it supports the Super Institute algorithm, which scales low-resolution content for a more dragging experience.

HUAWEI MatePad T 10s. The internal parts of the speakers were converted in contrast to traditional audio systems on tablets. This allows the nameplate to achieve a higher sound level. HUAWEI History 6.1 offers settings for the voice experience of users according to their preferences. The 9.1-channel 3D includes a Bass Booster, which provides intelligent optimization that amplifies frequency intensity.

HUAWEI MatePad T 10s with EMUI 10.1 adds universality to the media center tablet with a number of intellectual functions in the intuitive and sensitive user interface. HUAWEI supports MatePad Series, the Multiscreen window, Multiscreen İş and HUAWEI APP Multiplier. Users can also transfer photos, videos, documents and more with Huawei Share, which supports data transfer speeds of up to 150 MB/s.

TUV Rheinland includes eye protection features that can be included in the certified “Eye Comfort” mode to protect the user’s eye comfort. When this feature is included in an e-book mode table, the colors on the screen are automatically set to offer a paper reading experience. Among the features offered in the new mode of Darkness, developed based on studies of human factors to offer users a more convenient experience of using pills in the dark.

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