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Huawei Mate 20 Pro no longer included in Android Q beta program


The U.S. government has imposed a new executive order that prevents U.S. companies from doing business with companies the country deems a national security risk. 

As a result, Google has removed the Huawei from its Android Q beta program. 

This move isn’t shocking as Google also recently suspended Huawei’s Android license. 

Now when you check out the devices available on the Android Q beta page, the Mate 20 Pro is no longer present. Huawei’s developer page for the update is still available. However, it’s likely the company will remove the page soon as well. 

Huawei has been granted a temporary to license to continue accessing Android until August. Since Android Q likely won’t be available officially until September or October, it makes sense to revoke the device’s Android Q beta permissions from the get-go. 

Huawei’s Android Q beta program is only available to developers who have registered their email address in the Play Store and that have at least released one app. 

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