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Huawei EMUI 11 features detailed

Huawei EMUI 11 features detailed

Within the scope of the Developer Conference 2020 organized by Huawei this year, namely the conference organized by Huawei for application developers, new details about Huawei EMUI 11 features were shared. As understood from the newly shared details, the Chinese Huawei brand is working for a more functional interface.

New information about Huawei EMUI 11 features shared

Attention is paid to the first design changes associated with the new EMUI 11. In particular, changes in color selection seem to lead to the first details that users noticed. It is especially noticeable that developments are performed most efficiently, following the eyes in the animation.

With the smart multi-screen feature, it has been made possible to use more than one application in a pop-up image. Thus, it allows for a more efficient use.

New developments also show up on the multi-screen usage side. With the drag and drop system, it is possible to switch between devices.

Themes that support the new design, along with personal artistic themes, are being prepared for use.

Additional features such as an internal translation system and video subtitles will also be available for a new update.

Many improvements and bug fixes, apart from EMUI 11 features, will also be included in the new version. Note that significant changes have been made in terms of security. New parts of EMUI 11 continue to appear recently.

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