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Huawei Docs will be an alternative to Google Docs


At the launch of its flagship Mate 40 series, Huawei also introduced Huawei Docs, which will be an alternative to Google’s office applications.

Huawei Docs will be an alternative to Google Docs

Huawei announced that it has entered the office productivity software world. The launch of Huawei Docs, which includes Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation applications, aims to serve as an alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, respectively.

Alternative to Google in office applications

Huawei Docs is only available to users of Huawei Mate 40 series devices for now and supports editing documents in more than 50 formats. Real-time sync via Huawei Drive also means users can make changes in the same documents across multiple devices using their Huawei ID.

After developing its own operating system, search engine and application store after the US sanctions, Huawei aims to develop applications similar to Google’s applications for office applications, aiming not to make its users feel deficient in this regard. The company removed another question mark with the launch of these applications.

Huawei also announced an update for its official search engine application, Petal Search, available in more than 170 countries. Results are now presented in a visually richer format and as flashcards rather than web links. Visual and voice search functionality, both powered by Huawei’s artificial intelligence capabilities, will provide a more holistic search experience.

Finally, Petal Maps represents Huawei’s attempt to enter the navigation app market, offering map images, driving routes and favorite places lists for users in more than 140 countries. Real-time public transport information will also be available in some major cities.

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