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Huawei devices will have the new map application

Huawei devices will have the new map application

Huawei returns to Baidu Maps, a map service of the Chinese company Baidu. Huawei Baidu cards are now supported for HarmoniOS 2.0. This new partnership between Huawei and Baidu will provide an uninterrupted navigation system available from smartphones to smart watches. In addition, Baidu has not yet disclosed information about this navigation system.

Huawei Baidu Maps move to smart watches

Huawei is advancing on worn technologies. At the same time, based on HarmoniOS, smartphones should be compatible. Recall that last week Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro was introduced.

These smartwatches offer advanced features compared to other Huawei models. For example, screen exchange. Thanks to this feature, the Watch GT 2 Pro will be used as a secondary screen for the smartphone to which it is connected. Beidu maps offer a new navigation system. It can regulate the route of smart watches for walking and cycling. It is reported that the smart clock along with the system increases the service life.

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